Stephen grew up in Queens New York.  Through travel in New Mexico he found his eye. In his teens music and designing graphics helped him find an avenue for expression. But once he found photography he found the something that he was missing. His eye and sense of composition are his strength. That is something he found a long time ago and continues to watch it progress.

 Stephen’s work appeals to an audience as eclectic as his imagery. The work has been used by an equally eclectic group. His client base has ranged from the Smithsonian’s NMAI (on staff) the NY Times Nat Geo and various magazines and with sales ranging from California to Europe his work is being seen by a wide range of discerning eyes.

 Stephen’s photography isn’t simply a face value representation of what is in front of him. It incorporates his vision, beliefs, respect, humor and spiritual guidelines. It can go from faithfulness and truth to an abstraction of what he sees.