One of my favorite quotes is “Nothing is more important than the existence of what does not exist” by John Hawkes. This pretty much sums up my shooting philosophy. To create what isn’t openly seen or more importantly what isn’t there. To find something and be able to capture a variant that creates a new version of the original.

I am fascinated by what makes up a total image. The parts of something that can by themselves be a complete image. The abstractness of a section of flower or instrument or whatever else I see and shoot. To either fill a frame with it or allow it to wander and surround itself with negative space. Both being unique unto itself. Both allowing the viewer to wander with what I have created.

I live and die by my eye. It is what propels me into whatever world I choose to shoot in. Success or failure it is all about the vision. The vision is mine but the emotion is yours.

 I have very eclectic tastes and keep looking for that one unique direction and moment that makes me stop and gasp. I have not found it yet. Until then I will keep searching, shooting and hoping that perhaps you have stopped and gasped at what I have created.